Group Coaching & Workshops

Ideal if you’re looking to be inspired and motivated by the stories of others. You want to learn and share with likeminded individuals in a facilitated group setting.

Group coaching will help you to learn about yourself through listening to others. In hearing what others want to change, what they have already done, and how they overcame what was getting in their way, you will feel positively encouraged and supported to apply the learning to your own situation. You will benefit from the power of multiple perspectives and the bright ideas of others in a fun, interactive and creative way.

Experience a workshop with me…

Relax, Revive, Re-balance & Refocus Life Coaching & Yoga Retreat

A yoga and coaching collaboration that really works! Stride Coaching and BarefootYogaCaversham have designed a day for you to invest in yourself. Enjoy some time to relax, revive your senses, re-balance and think about how you want your life to be, to re-focus on your sense of purpose. You will enjoy two group coaching sessions, two yoga sessions, a delicious meal and good company with like-minded people, set in the beautiful Thames Lido in Reading. For more information and to book:

Life Coaching & Yoga Retreat
Friday 22nd March 2019
Life Coaching & Yoga Retreat
Friday 27th September 2019

Corporate Wellness packages

Corporate Wellness packages, tailored to your individual business needs – Paying attention to and supporting Employee Health and Wellbeing are vitally important to enabling a healthy, happy, productive and motivated workforce. Whether it’s about giving individuals the time to relax, revive and recharge, or giving them the tools to better manage stress and build resilience, or helping them to work with their strengths and build the confidence to be the best they can be, or identify what’s really important in their lives and the connection between life inside and outside work, or to encourage them to build productive habits that will serve them well in all areas of their life. Experienced in facilitating change at both individual, team and organisational level, I’d love to work with you on developing some creative ideas to address your particular business needs.