Wellbeing workshops designed to meet, challenge & empower your inner warrior, uncover what lies within to enable a stronger, more confident you.

AwakenAn exciting yoga and coaching collaboration that really works! Stride Coaching and BarefootYogaCaversham have designed a morning retreat to help you awaken your senses and let your inner warrior shine through.

We warmly welcome you to join us for a series of 3 workshops at the beautiful Thames Lido in Reading and invite you to meet your inner warrior, to uncover what lies dormant within, to enable a stronger and more empowered you. Awaken the body and build physical strength and confidence with yoga and mindfulness. Awaken the mind with sessions focused on using coaching tools and techniques to do your best thinking, awaken your senses, enabling the real you to shine and achieve what so far have only been dreams.

Offered as standalone events (invest £75) or as a three-part journey (invest £200) for 2020, each event will combine morning yoga, group coaching tools and techniques, support and discussion with like-minded people, and a light lunch. For more details see below.

Awaken & Meet Your Inner Warrior
Friday 20th March 2020

Focused on finding you this Spring time, building confidence and managing the voices within that keep you from realising your full potential. This mini retreat starts with a liberating yoga flow sequence, followed by some powerful conversation to open the door for your inner warrior to step through, shares some helpful tools and techniques to build confidence, courage and clarity from breathing to journaling to mindful reflection and anchoring techniques. Finish the retreat with a delicious lunch, leaving you inspired, fuelled and ready to welcome whatever your inner warrior has in store!


Awaken your inner warrior this Spring

Awaken & Challenge Your Inner Warrior
Friday 19th June 2020

As we step into summer, let the suns rays energise you for the new exciting challenges ahead. This mini retreat invites you to challenge your inner warrior by getting clear on what it is you want to achieve, to embrace the opportunities ahead and plan for a brighter future.

Starting with a yoga flow sequence to challenge your inner strength, followed by some powerful conversation to enable your inner warrior to focus on the things you want to achieve and arrive at a plan to take on the challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead. Introducing tools to help you focus on the goal and achievable actions, including techniques to focus attention, notice what’s happening and keep you on track. The retreat will finish with a delicious lunch, leaving you feeling fuelled, supported and inspired to challenge your inner warrior to take it on!

Awaken and challenge yourself to be better

Awaken & Empower Your Inner Warrior
Friday 18th September 2020

Step into Autumn and use all your summer energy to stretch, extend and continue to grow right the way through to the end of the year. Why let the thought of colder darker days get the better of you? Your inner warrior feels empowered to do their best work yet, to stretch your strengths, to grow more, reach for greater, and to maintain the momentum you’ve created during the warmth of the summer.

Focused on doing more with what you’ve got, continuing to grow and develop and build on the momentum you have already established, we’ll start with a yoga flow sequence to enable your body to stretch and reach places you never thought possible. Followed by powerful conversation to empower your inner warrior to recognise all those things you have already achieved, to explore what else might still be possible, to continue to grow and drive momentum, with tools to help you notice, reflect and celebrate all that is good in your life, as well as techniques to keep that positive mindset growing. The retreat will finish with a delicious lunch, leaving you feeling fuelled, supported and inspired to empower your inner warrior to keep working hard for you!

Awaken and empower yourself to stretch further