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Life and Career Coaching

Perfect if you feel stuck on the hamster wheel, unsure of how to get off! You are unclear about which path to take next, you feel unable to be your most brilliant self, you are frustrated that you can’t seem to move forwards.

I will help you to build a compelling future vision of how you want your life and career to be, to take the time to reflect on where you are now and make choices for the future that will work for you and your world. Together we will find clarity, build confidence, make choices and define the actions that will help you to step forward.

To start your coaching journey please get in touch to arrange an introductory, no fee, chemistry session to explore how coaching might benefit you, find out more about the process and what working with me might feel like. Rapport and trust is critical to a successful coaching relationship, so I’d love to have a conversation with you about it first.

How does coaching work?

By listening intently to what you say and, more importantly, what you don’t say. Together we will apply a range of different coaching techniques and enjoy lots of powerful conversations. I will focus purely on you. I want to help you work with your strengths to enable change in a way that suits you. I also like to keep things simple, so the best way to describe it is in 4 simple steps!

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Step 1:

Growth: Who are you?

I will help you raise your self-awareness and get under the skin of what makes you tick – your values, drivers, motivations and passions. No point continuing to climb mountains, when you’re at your best sailing the seas!

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Step 2:

Clarity: Where are you going and what do you want?

I will open your eyes to more meaningful goals aligned to your sense of purpose and what’s important to you. Stop climbing up the same slippery slope, if you keep finding yourself sliding down. Maybe there’s another path that’s more appealing?

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Step 3:

Choice: Where are you now and what choices do you want to make?

I will support you in making a conscious decision. The choice is yours and you can make change happen if you want it enough. Change isn’t always easy and there may be things blocking your path. Let’s take a closer look and see if you can discover an alternative approach.

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Step 4:

Action: How will you get there?

Together we’ll generate new ideas to find a way to make the change happen. You’ll put it into action and I’ll help you to stay focused, learn, reflect and keep you on track. If you come to an impasse, we’ll find another way round.

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