Do you see me?

Yes, sure, I see you. Do you understand me? Yep, of course. Really? Do you know what I like? Do…

All Tooled Up

Learning to use the tools and techniques of a trade is an essential part of any job. Whether it’s a…
Enough as I am

Enough as I am

Are you enough as you are? Such a simple question yet many of us find it hard to answer. But…
Time for reflection at Christmas

Time for Reflection

My family love Christmas. My daughter has been counting down the days since the start of September!  It’s funny isn’t…

Fabulous feedback

What word would you use to describe feedback? Fabulous, flaming, flippin’, fruity, fortuitous, fortunate, frivolous, fantastic…. Or maybe another word…
Blue skies

A motivation reboot

Where did those summer days go? They seemed to be here for ages yet disappeared in a flash! Much like…

Banishing interview nerves

Interviews are daunting. I have rarely met an individual who positively welcomes them! It’s no wonder really. You’ve worked so…
Zen mastery

A little bit of zen

It is something I always think I want, Zen mastery that is. The promise of what it can bring is…
Create new habits to match your natural energy waves

Creatures of habit

Human beings are creatures of habit. That’s what they say, isn’t it? I know some of us balk at the…