Refocus and Rebalance Workshop

Albert Fields regularly take time away from the workplace for team building and development. Sarah Munnings, who runs the business, prioritizes the wellbeing of her team. She asked me to help her develop a session to enable greater focus on individual and team health and wellbeing including thinking about the balance between work and home and the impact one has on the other.

Understanding the client needs and working collaboratively

Sarah was aware of the workshops I’ve run previously which combine yoga with coaching and wanted to do something similar. Her team are on their feet all day long, so we talked about the idea of focusing on balance in the body, to develop a strong core and the ability to release muscle tension built up over the day. Then we talked about finding balance more generically and how having a greater level of fulfillment both at home and at work, enables for happier employees and ultimately happier customers. I designed a half day workshop called ‘Refocus and Rebalance’ with the following outcomes in mind:

  • A focus on posture, core strength and relaxation techniques
  • An understanding of what balance means to each member of the team
  • An understanding of individual strengths and how to work with them to enable small but positive changes to their work and home life
  • Working collectively as a team to support one another in generating ideas and actions to enable a better balance

Delivered in a way that would create trust and a chance to experiment

After finding a suitable location for relaxation and reflection, alongside the River Thames at the beautiful Swan Hotel in Streatley, we created a confidential, non-judgmental and creative space in which to work. Starting off with a dynamic yoga flow to help the team open their bodies and clear their minds, the team then enjoyed a cream tea whilst working hard on visualizing a new kind of balance. With the use of different tools such as the life wheel and journaling techniques, the team began to articulate how they’d like life to be, to start identifying core strengths and generate new ideas for ways in which they could enable the change they wanted to make. A workbook and mini ‘coach in your pocket’ takeaway on finding balance enabled participants to capture their learning as they went. The afternoon finished with a blissful relaxation and body scan back in the studio.

And this is what they had to say about it!

“Such a lovely afternoon!”
Kat, team member, Albert Fields

“Such a fulfilling afternoon, a wonderful time to reconnect with the team. We all slept so well! Thank you, Sarah & Sarah”.
Sarah, owner and manager, Albert Fields