Building Confidence Workshop

After some fabulous functional skills development training, the account management team at Clean were looking for a complimentary experience that would enable them to grow their self-confidence so they could deliver their account management roles confidently, proactively, with a positive mindset and intent.


Working collaboratively

Working closely with the Customer Services Director and HR Director, to better understand the business requirement and the organizational culture, I designed a 2 day workshop called ‘Building Confidence’ with the following outcomes in mind:

  • To develop an understanding of how positive thinking can enable self confidence
  • Ways to build confidence through positive body language
  • Introduction of simple tools and techniques to build confidence, trust and rapport, enabling more confident conversations
  • Building empathy and understanding of different perspectives to build stronger customer relationships


Delivered in a way that would create trust and a chance to experiment

By creating a confidential, non-judgmental and creative space in which to work, exercises to enable participants to experience the difference for themselves and a fun open session in which to experiment with new ideas, the Clean team stepped whole heartedly into the workshop, willing to try something different to enable the change they wanted to make. A workbook and mini ‘coach in your pocket’ takeaways enabled participants to capture their learning as they went and take home a reminder of how to develop greater levels of confidence on the go!

And this is what they had to say about it!

“Sarah was absolutely excellent, she created a warm, friendly, safe and fun environment. The whole group really participated, and the subject matter was absolutely spot on, and has really made me think about the language I use, and my inner critic! I was on an absolute high afterwards, and not only am I using the training in my business life, but also my personal life. I really would recommend this course for other departments within the business”.
HB, Account Manager


“Thank you for arranging the training with Sarah. I think it was excellent and I really enjoyed it and feel the whole group learnt and grew in it. It was a very positive & safe atmosphere”
GH, Account Manager


“I’ve had very positive feedback from the training sessions last week. They all said yesterday when I was in the office how much they enjoyed it, got a lot out of it and how your style really made them feel ‘safe’ and created a really positive 2 days, so thanks so much for doing such a great job!”
RJ, Customer Services Director.