My own little bubble

Keeping things normal

I hate to mention the ‘C’ word but when you feel like you’re losing control, losing the freedom to choose,…
Clean and tidy desk

Room to think clearly

A colleague and I were preparing for a workshop this week about how best to manage your energy levels to…
Create new habits to match your natural energy waves

Creatures of habit

Human beings are creatures of habit. That’s what they say, isn’t it? I know some of us balk at the…

The warmth of human connection

Over the past month I’ve found myself reflecting on the power of human connection and how important it is to…

Managing your inner critic

Is your inner critic a loud, in your face, kind of voice that constantly bangs on and on, punishing you…

Top 5 myths about coaching

The world of coaching is still cloaked in myth and hearsay, and when I introduce myself as a coach I’m…

The balance of time

When I was a child, time felt like the longest thing in the world. I remember my Grandad saying to…

Jazz it up!

My coaching conversations often go a bit like this…   Client: “I want to do something completely different. I’ve outgrown…