Zoe’s Story – Finding the Confidence within

I remember the day when I was promoted to middle manager at the age of 27. My imposter voice popped up and said, “they are going to find you out one day, they’ll realize you just aren’t cut out for this”. I knew deep down inside that I was more than ready and more than able to do the job I had been appointed to do. Everyone else was confident in me. I just needed to access that inner confidence myself and step into the person I knew I could be. The same was true of a gorgeous young lady called Zoe. Here’s her story…

Zoe is an exceptionally talented HR professional. As a result, Zoe found herself quickly promoted to middle management level in a large organisation serving a demanding business area. Zoe had the full support of her employers, however Zoe’s lack of confidence and belief in her own ability were causing her significant anxiety and stress.

At the same time Zoe was studying for further academic qualifications and there was pressure to perform and deliver against her own high expectations as well as others. Zoe wanted to banish her fears and step into being the person she knew she could be and establish a leadership presence in her functional unit as well as within the business areas she served.

The coaching process enabled Zoe to discover and accept more about who she was and what qualities she possesses, she was able to articulate with clarity what success looked like. Zoe grew into a stronger more confident individual, with purpose and determination to succeed, and more able to manage her saboteurs. She chose to work hard and challenged herself to deliver things outside of her comfort zone. I supported her in taking the action she needed to combat her fears and embrace the person I knew she could be.

Now Zoe operates at a more strategic level, involved in significant transformational projects, and has the support of the CEO no less! A great example of someone really stepping into their own stride and leading with purpose.

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