Caroline’s Story – Finding a new direction

Making the decision to switch careers can be a big and scary one, an exciting and uplifting one, or something in-between! I worked with an amazing lady called Caroline, exceptionally talented in her field of expertise but just ready for something a bit different.

Caroline loves to set herself new goals and challenges, and this was no different. Caroline had a complete career change in 2000 when she went from being an IT sales manager to studying a degree in photography and setting up her own studio. The business thrived and the flexibility of working for herself enabled Caroline to raise her two daughters as well as run the business. When her youngest started school, she noticed a big gap in her day and was desperate to fill it with a new challenge, something different that complimented her strong family priorities. She wanted to use her skills that she had developed in running a successful business but in a different way. I helped her to bring more clarity to her purpose and make sense of the “noise”. Caroline knew deep down she had the skills to do something completely different. I helped her to see how she could use those skills in a new way. Together we uncovered the choices available to her from this new confident place and I supported her to take the action required to make the change happen and to enable a more fulfilling life. Knowing what she wanted and what she had to do to make it happen, Caroline quickly and successfully secured a new role doing a job she knew was for her and working the hours she wanted.

The thought of making significant changes, even though your heart my desire them, can often lead to procrastination, avoidance and an array of self-limiting beliefs to show up! Maybe you feel overwhelmed with the task ahead or are too concerned about the possible risks? All of these feelings and behaviours are completely normal but with the right kind of support you may just find a way forwards! This is what Caroline said about the experience of working with me….

Working with Sarah has been a joyful revelation. She is so friendly yet the consummate professional. You work at your pace and Sarah is expertly skilled in leading you to identify new ways of thinking, feeling and approaching situations that you probably hadn’t considered were challenging or an issue…I am a much more confident individual as a result.”

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