What’s hidden beneath your layers?

I saw the first signs of spring this weekend and it made me feel good! Daffodils pushing through the dark soil, snow snowdropsdrops appearing in random clumps under the trees and lilac crocuses opening out in the grass down by the river. The sun was out. I could feel a warmth on my back, which almost made me shed a layer….but not quite! It is still February after all!!

I’m always in awe of how nature manages to revitalize itself over the winter months, such as the spring bulbs buried deep beneath the soil. As soon as the temperature starts to rise they push on forwards through the heavy soil, working around a fallen branch, stretching beyond the bushes which keep them in the shade, propelling themselves into action, attempting to make an entrance and shine in all their glory. As the days march on, they begin to see the progress they are making. The spring bulbs become ever bolder and strip off their layers of green to reveal bright fresh colours, radiant in the sunshine, attracting all sorts of welcome visitors who thrive & grow in their company.

How would you compare yourself to a spring bulb?! Are you ready to peel off your layers, step out of the winter doldrums and re-energise yourself to shine bolder and brighter than you did before? What would you find hidden beneath your layers?! What is it that makes you shine and what impact do you want to have on the world around you?  Maybe you want to keep yourself buried in the dark and the cold, not wanting to feel exposed, too anxious to confront what is possible, or finding it too difficult to push the branches out of your way or to step out from whatever’s keeping you in the shade?

Peeling off those layers can make you feel very vulnerable. Believe me, I know! I had to shed A LOT of layers to change my career, set up on my own and actually start telling people about it! I also had a client whom always wore a scarf and, unconsciously, used it to hide herself away. Just peeling off that layer made her feel lighter, more open and more able to step confidently into her own shoes. Try it? Take off a layer and see how lighter, freer and fresher you feel? It can be invigorating…in all senses of the word!

Want to find out more about what’s lying dormant under all your layers? Here’s 3 thought provoking questions to get you started:

daffodils crocus bluebell woods

1. The daffodil is known for its bright sunny yellow flowers. What do you want to be known for?

2. The crocus opens its petals, stretching them further & further each day, making the most of its opportunity to soak up the sun. Focusing on your inner strengths, how can you stretch yourself more and make the most of your opportunities?

3. Bluebell woods produce a mesmerizing colour that stop most of us in our tracks. In addition each individual flower is intricately beautiful and stands up confidently on its own. What is it about you that stops others in their tracks, and what, when we take a closer look, would we find?

If you’d like some help in discovering the answers or your answers have raised more questions you’d like to explore, why not get in touch with me and I can help you to find out! Alternatively you can read my blog on the power of reflection, which may help you to find some of the answers for yourself. Have fun!