“I was struggling to balance work and home and getting little satisfaction out of the former and carrying permanent guilt about the latter.  A friend mentioned Sarah to me when I was talking/ moaning to her about it one day.  I’ll be honest and say that if I hadn’t been completely out of inspiration I would never have tried it.  Coaching?! It’s for senior executives or people obsessed with finding themselves isn’t it? Turns out it’s not.

After my initial block of sessions I acquired a clarity about how I wanted my life to work, took some control back instead of my usual close-my-eyes-and-hope-for-the-best approach and my cortisol levels dropped a good 80%.  For the first time in my life I set some goals. And wanted to achieve them. I learned some fundamental truths about how I work that were unexpected and extremely enlightening. I learned tactics that helped impose some order on my cluttered mind and work-life – so that I had more time to spend with my family and that I could breather properly again.  I have tried various things before – and they had all failed to get past my resistance to order and organisation.  That’s the genius of Sarah.  She gets you with unnerving speed. Susses you out completely.  This perception  – combined with her experience in coaching techniques and her genuine interest in what makes people tick and how they could tick better – is what you benefit from. That and the fact that she really cares. 

It’s really hard to articulate the process – she is basically Yoda.  You just have to give it a go. I’m not going to lie – you’ll find yourself doing the kinds of exercises that made you laugh at coaching in the first place.  But they bloody well work.  And because she is Yoda you never feel uncomfortable.

It’s much easier to quantify the tangible benefits:

  • My husband would testify to the positive difference it has made to me and to our family life
  • I have been promoted. I am good at what I do but there is no way it would have happened when I did if I hadn’t seen Sarah. She gave me a boost that produced a period of work brilliance
  • My boss is so impressed that work are paying for my second block of sessions
  • I am writing this reference

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.  It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Julie, Group Marketing & Communications Manager

“Sarah has got me thinking about things from a completely different perspective. I find our sessions extremely thought provoking & they provide me with an opportunity to think clearly. Sarah is very professional in her approach, open & honest, intuitive & challenges hard in a supportive manner. She is an exceptional listener & I would highly recommend her”

Matt, Managing Partner

“I started my journey with Sarah not really knowing what to expect. I knew that something had to change in my life & I just wasn’t sure yet what that would be. Sarah helped me to focus in on what really mattered & enables me to see that it was okay to be a working parent, who enjoyed her career but also to not be afraid of seeking out a balance that worked better for me and my
family. The tools that Sarah used empowered me to have the confidence to make clearer decisions & move forward knowing my decisions were the right ones for me. I would highly recommend that anyone who feels conflicted or just needs a bit of head space to sort through their thoughts, get in touch with STRIDE. Sarah’s pragmatic & caring approach to the whole process immediately put me at ease & I am proud of what we have achieved.

Helen, Legal Counsel

2015-05-13 12.14.06
Scarletta Media Styling session

“I found the first couple of sessions difficult and needed to somehow get unstuck. Sarah is incredibly patient & very gently coaxed me through the process & at all times was supportive whilst remaining professional. With Sarah’s help I have been able to find the confidence to step up to the challenges ahead. Together we worked out what is important to me both professionally & personally, & she has given me the tools to make changes to my life to ensure that I don’t lose sight of these important things. Despite my earlier scepticism, I actually found myself enjoying the sessions. I am really grateful to her for helping me to get where I am now & would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah”

Jo, CEO, Insurance Broker

“Sarah helped me to unlock my thinking, develop some options & work through the potential for each……Sarah prompted, challenged & supported appropriately to my needs…..Sarah is a skilled & thoughtful coach who I can highly recommend”

Kara, Business Change Manager

“From my first session with Sarah I knew I had made the right decision. I found that each week I looked forward to each session and the tasks that she would set me. Each meeting was incredibly focused and targeted to my individual needs. Her approach is very supportive, honest and nurturing, so I always felt at ease talking to her. Working with Sarah has unlocked my self- confidence & given me a different way of thinking & approaching my work and personal life. Now armed with useful strategies I now feel far more confident in dealing with issues as and when they arise. I cannot thank Sarah enough for the positive impact she has had on my life.”

Tamalia, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

“Sarah provides a calm and welcoming environment and it is very quickly evident she’s a natural listener. She uses her range of coaching skills to then probe and constructively challenge you. I had 4 sessions with Sarah, each built on the previous but opened up new possibilities for moving my career onto the next level. I’ve since recommended Sarah to a number of friends and colleagues who are equally impressed with her coaching skills and approach”

Jennifer, Digital Transformation & Social Business Consultant

“Struggling to narrow down career options, Sarah first helped me to reaffirm what my primary objectives were & then provided a robust framework to relate these to the best option. Always professional, she probed firmly when needed but balanced that with supportive suggestions and healthy realism. The positive, tangible outcome for me was clarity and decisive action. Worth it.””

Steve, Senior Project Manager

“Sarah is skilled in her knowledge & the application of the best techniques to elicit mind-set changes….Some of the visual imagery about myself resonates still in professional meetings long after the session & has made me take stock of opportunity & produce better outcomes for me personally & the success of my business area”

Georgie, Provider Performance Lead & Contract Specialist


“For some time I have found great difficulty in getting a good balance between a demanding & time consuming Management role & trying to obtain peace & fulfilment in my life outside work. Sarah has helped me to work out what it is that I want to achieve in life. The structure of Sarah’s coaching sessions are excellent. There is a good balance between quiet, reflective time during the sessions, without any feeling of being judged or criticised, & being supported through small, achievable tasks between each session. Sarah has a caring & positive approach & I would not hesitate to recommend her for coaching in any aspect of balancing life through increasing daily demands. She made me feel relaxed, far more confident & also proud of what I had already achieved in life. I am now able to step back before making decisions & set myself my own targets in a manageable way.”

Hilary, Head of Pre-school