STRIDE works with professional men and women who invest in their personal and professional growth, want clarity of purpose, to uncover what’s possible, make conscious choices and take action to make a change that sticks!

Life Coaching

Helping individuals to better manage life transitions, examine what they want from life, adjust to changing or conflicting priorities, achieve the right balance and take more control.

Do you need some space and time to work out how to have a fulfilling life both at home and at work?

Leadership Coaching

Working with individuals at all levels to establish presence, develop authentic leadership styles, step into a role with confidence and conviction, understand and manage their impact on their teams and other stakeholders, to manage change effectively and to make a positive impact.

Do you need some help becoming the person you know you can be, to step into your own stride and make a difference?

Career Coaching

Helping individuals articulate what “professional fulfilment” looks like, working holistically to consider goals, skills, experience and core values, to understand their options and take positive steps to achieve success and better manage career transitions.

Do you need some space and time to think through your options and explore what’s possible? Do you need some help getting un-stuck?


What do you want to change?

Here’s how I can help.

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121 Coaching Programmes:

  • suitable for individuals or as part of a corporate package
  • designed to support you through personal & professional growth, transformation & change
  • flexible packages designed to meet your needs, including approx. 2hrs of 121 time, from £200 a month
  • coaching in person, over the phone or on skype

Keeping Up Momentum:

  • suitable for individuals or as part of a corporate package
  • designed for clients coming to the end of their programme but looking to maintain the  momentum
  • consultations of approx. 1.5 hrs, flexibly delivered to suit your needs, from £150 per session
  • coaching in person, over the phone or on skype
Keeping momentum - Coaching sessions by Sarah Leach
121 business change coaching

121 Business Change Coaching and Consultancy:

  • suitable for individuals or as part of a corporate package
  • offered as part of or in addition to 121 coaching
  • designed to help people deliver & manage change in an effective & engaging way, dealing confidently with the practical & emotional elements of change.
  • consultancy advice in the development & use of appropriate change management tools
  • flexible packages designed to meet your needs, including approx. 2 hrs of 121 time, from £250 per month.
  • coaching in person, over the phone or on skype

Group Coaching Workshops:

Be inspired, motivated & learn from others with coaching in a group environment

A range of ½ day workshops for groups of individuals & teams, delivered directly by STRIDE or in conjunction with Stephanie Smith Coaching, as a pre-cursor to 121 coaching or just as valuable in its own right.

  • Try the fun, relaxed & creative environment of our Kitchen Table Workshops, with a max of 4 individuals & 2 professional coaches. ‘Coaching In a Nutshell’* comprises two workshops starting with the importance of self-awareness, acceptance & the impact on our choices. Followed by understanding how you can use that knowledge to begin to create the personal & professional life you desire. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending Sarah’s workshop. This is ideal for those who are prepared to make changes to their personal & professional lives, & how our own values, motivations & behaviours are instrumental in moving forward & taking positive action. Sarah’s style is informal yet powerful. Highly recommended”  Melanie, Social Stylist  

” This workshop broke a number of assumptions for me around the use of language and shape of goals that I had carried over from corporate life. The framework of the session coupled with interactive conversations, visual & movement opportunities, overturned some unexpected barriers for me & allowed me to gain a real insight into what I really wanted. This was enjoyable, thought provoking, exciting &, above all, personally stretching”  Tony, Consultant & Director

  • ‘Personal Branding’ – YOU have the biggest impact on your life & your business. Understand more about what makes you unique, how you can use that knowledge to differentiate yourself from the crowd & how to communicate that to others. In a competitive world it’s not enough to have the best skills, experience, product or service. You need something else to connect with the “buyer”. That something is you! Find out more about your personal brand from a coaches perspective.

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