Do you ever feel like all those good intentions are going to waste? That time is just running away with you and you can’t ever seem to get to those things that matter most, your goals, dreams and aspirations? You may have got as far as setting some goals, but they don’t appear to be getting any closer to fruition. If anything, they’re getting further and further away. It’s like watching your favourite balloon float higher and higher in the sky because you didn’t move quickly enough to grab hold of the string.

It’s hard, isn’t it, to stick to your goals and make things happen. Life gets in the way and stuff happens! True, but here’s the funny thing. Only you can live your life and make your life happen in the way you want it to. The question is, do you want it enough?

Time flies quote

We’re heading towards Christmas again, and soon New Year will be upon us and, yes, another set of New Year’s resolutions to make…..and possibly never keep! But you don’t have to wait to New Year to make a change and fulfill all those good intentions. It’s just another day, just like tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If you haven’t started already, why not start taking some steps forward now? You’ve still got time and you can still make your life happen in the way you want it to.

I can see you raise your eyebrows, tut and say “doesn’t she know I’ve got a busy job, family commitments, a pile of ironing to do and the dog to walk”?! I do know, I’ve got the same busy to-do list! However, I also know that, barring the odd exception, everything on my list is what I want to be doing and is taking me on the path to where I want to be.

If you are anything like me, then looking for a simple and realistic way forward helps. These 5 simple tips will help you to get focused, help you to sort out the stuff that always seems to trip you up, the stuff that prevents the bigger stuff from happening and allows avoidance or procrastination to take hold:

  1.  Be specific – make your goal clear, tangible and measurable eg do 10 sit ups every morning!
  2. Write it down – put it down on paper, say it out loud and make it visible to those who can support you
  3. Hold yourself accountable – give yourself a reward when its done
  4. Break it down – don’t try and tackle all the big stuff in one go, it can be overwhelming. Pick a few fun or “easy” targets first to get the ball rolling, and break down the big tasks into smaller bite sized chunks.
  5. Establish daily habits – try and keep to your good intentions every day so they become habit forming. Making a big effort every couple of weeks can often prove much harder to do. It takes more time, energy and concentration!

The more your goals align with those things that support your core values, that motivate you and drive your behaviour, the greater likelihood of success. Small step changes now can enable transformational change in the long-term.  If it still isn’t happening for you, then maybe it’s the wrong goal or maybe you don’t want it enough or maybe you just need a little bit of help in getting started?

Ready to work with me and get the help you need in getting unstuck? Please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.