Ever questioned why? Core values have a lot to answer for!


Are you ever surprised at how you’ve reacted to a certain situation or indeed wondered why others react as they do? Why do you jump at the opportunity to present to a group of 100 (like I did the other day!) or always volunteer to arrange your street’s summer party? Why do you always make an excuse to avoid meeting your old “friend” or avoid delegating when you know you just don’t have the time to do it yourself? Do you know why and is it important anyway? I think so. If you take the time to really question why, you might learn something new about yourself that may help you to spend your time more wisely or make that difficult decision, for example.

What do I mean? Well, what do you value the most? And I don’t necessarily mean your beautiful home or the expensive watch on your wrist – although I’m sure those are very important to you! But if you could remove the tangible things and focus on your core values for a minute, the things deep down inside that make you unique, what would you say?

Connect with the real you and notice what’s important. The following questions may help you to start thinking about this. From your perspective:

  • What is the strongest quality of your best friend?
  • What is the last thing you think about at night before you go to sleep?
  • What is the biggest draw of the person you like to work with the most?
  • What do you find so irritating about public transport?
  • What can make you feel really sad?

After each response ask yourself “what is it about X that makes me say that?” You may need to ask yourself this question several times over to get to the nub of it.

Is it a sense of loyalty, a try hard attitude, having time to dream, punctuality, security, adventure, fun, recognition, being loved or to love? You’ve started to identify some of your core values. How does it make you feel when you think about these important values and are you being true to those values in the way in which you live your life both at work and at home? What do you notice when those values are being compromised in some way or even fiercely trodden on? What do you notice when they are being honoured? Do you get sad or angry, do you disengage or stand up and fight? Do you laugh out loud? Next time you get angry or feel a moment of pure excitement, ask yourself “what was that really about?”

values define us

Much of the time we aren’t aware of why we react the way we do or why we behave the way we do, but the more we understand about ourselves, what drives our behaviour, what makes us happy and enables us to be the best possible version of ourselves, the clearer our chosen path becomes. Difficult choices become easier to make and we find we add more value to our own and other’s lives and businesses.

What do you really know about yourself? What could you do more or less of to honour your values? If you’d like to discover more about yourself, so you can stop feeling bored or compromised or uncertain or unhappy, please get in touch for an introductory session.