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Think outside of the box to identify your strengths.

“So how on earth (excuse the pun!) has studying Geography helped me become the coach I am today?” I started to think about this recently when trying to identify and work on my core strengths. Any good coach works on themselves as well as helping others do the same, and as such I’ve been reflecting …


Ever questioned why? Core values have a lot to answer for!

Are you ever surprised at how you’ve reacted to a certain situation or indeed wondered why others react as they do? Why do you jump at the opportunity to present to a group of 100 (like I did the other day!) or always volunteer to arrange your street’s summer party? Why do you always make …


Making the most of your best asset – YOU!

  We hear a great deal about the power of brands and how to use your brand to connect with and attract customers. In the late 1990’s the concept of the personal brand developed and in this highly competitive global market place it is becoming even more important to work on your personal brand as …


What’s hidden beneath your layers?

I saw the first signs of spring this weekend and it made me feel good! Daffodils pushing through the dark soil, snow drops appearing in random clumps under the trees and lilac crocuses opening out in the grass down by the river. The sun was out. I could feel a warmth on my back, which …


The Art of Reflection – more powerful than you think

As a professional coach I take regular “time out” to reflect on client cases with my supervisor. You know the thing……. what went well, what would I have done differently, what have I learnt about myself, was I entirely focused on my client’s needs, what was important to understand about the systems at work and …


What motivations really drive your behaviour?

Do you ever find yourself saying to your children “what on earth made you do that?” I do! On first glance there appears to be no logic or common sense behind the action, but when you think like a child for a moment, all becomes clear. “Of course you had to break up that Lego …