Hello! I’m Sarah Leach and I love my job! Helping people to live more fulfilling lives is incredibly rewarding. I’ve learnt through experience how hard making a change can be and how many obstacles, physically and emotionally, we put in the way of making even the smallest change happen, let alone making it stick! I know what it feels like to be in your shoes, to juggle work and family life, to want to be the best at everything I do, to enjoy throwing myself into new challenges but worry myself stupid about what might go wrong or what others may think, to study for a DMS whilst in a very stressful full-time job, to question the timing of my decision to re-train whilst two very young people needed my full attention, to go back to work after a career break, to talk myself out of writing a new blog because I didn’t believe anyone would be interested, and after a decade of being a Business Change Manger in the corporate world I have experienced my fair share of managing individuals and teams dealing with similar challenges. My passion for coaching was ignited after having received some great coaching myself.  I decided to re-train with the world renowned Coaches Training Institute as a Co-Active Coach.  Coaching can be liberating and empowering. I’ve always been a good listener (there’s more to listening than just hearing the words!) and combined with my expertise in managing change, I aspire to empower others to achieve their own aspirations. My natural style is calm, warm and approachable, one of positive encouragement, openness and honesty. I am highly focused and consistently motivate my clients to achieve more in a very constructive and supportive way.

Coaching Caversham

“I was looking to map out a long-term career path that supported the ever-elusive work-life balance. Sarah works with you intelligently and intuitively to help you uncover where you want to be. Sharing her ninja-like coaching skills, she gives you the tools, habits & confidence to get there. Empathy, dedication & authenticity are at the heart of her approach…”

Antonia, PR Consultant

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About Sarah Leach, Co-active Coach, Stride Coaching and Consultancy

Co-active Coach (CTI), member of ICF & AC

Diploma in Management Studies

BSc hons degree in Geography

Career coach & trainer for Greenfields Consultancy

Associate coach for Business Fit Club


A great memory of mine is walking up ‘Striding Edge’ in the Lake District with my husband one cold & wet morning. We knew it would be a long hard slog, particularly in poor weather, but we set ourselves the challenge. I’m so glad we did! After a scramble on our hands and knees to overcome the last part of the climb, we reached the top. We felt such a great sense of achievement, the sun had started shining, the view was breathtaking and we hadn’t a care in the world. Anything was possible from on top of that mountain and life felt amazing! This is how I want YOU to feel; amazing! Be clear on your destination, set the bar high, take on the challenge, work hard knowing you are supported 100% of the way, keep moving forward and, most of all, enjoy the journey. It inspired me to call my business STRIDE.


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