You want to lead a more fulfilling life, you are searching for more balance, you want to become the person you know you can be, you want to stride forwards with purpose, you want to step up to a new challenge, you want to make change happen. All you need is a little bit of space, time, support and encouragement to get you started.

STRIDE is different because together we will build solid foundations to enable you to step into your stride, enable change that sticks at a pace you can manage, and keep the momentum going with renewed confidence, passion, energy and fun!

STRIDE is fundamentally about people, not business. I help you become the best you can be, to feel happy, confident and alive at work and at home for the long term.

So, my offer to you is a calm, supportive and non-judgmental space for self-discovery and learning, where you can share, reflect and explore future aspirations and discover ways in which personal and professional goals can be achieved. I offer you an opportunity to be heard, an empathetic ear, new perspectives and the possibility of change for the long term. I help you to uncover what is possible and realize your potential through constructive, challenging and thought provoking dialogue, drawing on my wealth of experience in managing change. Together we can spark a different kind of energy to help remove barriers and self-limiting beliefs. I will help you become the person you know you are or want to be.

These are tasters of how I will help you take the first of many STRIDEs forward.

You will achieve personal and professional GROWTH

You will have CLARITY of purpose and a clear sense of direction

You will have the confidence and self-belief to make conscious CHOICES

You will know what ACTION to take to make sustainable change happen

Sarah Leach Coaching


I’m Sarah and I love my job! Helping people to live more fulfilling lives is incredibly rewarding. I’ve learnt through experience how hard making a change can be and how many obstacles, physically and emotionally, we put in the way of making even the smallest change happen, let alone making it stick! I am the owner of STRIDE, a wife and mother of two children. I also know exactly how it feels to be in your shoes.


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